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Down Payment or Renovation Assistance Programs

Find out the latest government, state, city and county down payment, first time home buyer and renovation assistance programs in your area and how to qualify.


Home Buying Readiness

Understand what loan officers and underwriters look for when reviewing your loan application.


Getting A Mortgage Loan

Learn about everything that goes into a mortgage loan from pre-purchase counseling all the way through to closing.


Shopping For A New Home

How to shop wisely for your new home and avoid costly mistakes homeowners often make.


Understanding Credit

Understanding the “four C’s” of credit, credit bureaus and scores and how to fix the most common credit problems consumers face when applying for a home loan.

Creating Practical Budgets

Learn how to create and utilize a spending plan. This course includes money saving suggestions and techniques to help you develop realistic financial goals that will help you sustain your mortgage.

Understand Your Insurance Needs

Homeowner’s insurance can vary from person to person and change depending on the loan product and other variables. Our counselors will help you understand what type of insurance you need, how much you can expect to pay and why it’s necessary.

Beware of Predatory Lending and Know Your Rights

Our counselors will introduce you to fair housing laws and make sure you know a red flag when you see one.

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DebtHelper helped me understand the first time home buyer process. They explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and I would recommend them to any first time home buyer. - Melissa H.

I obtained a $50,000 principal reduction on my mortgage with the assistance of DebtHelper’s Hardest Hit Fund counselor, Nicola. Her diligent efforts made the process seem so easy. Her open communication and constant follow-up with me was remarkable. The entire process only took 3 months! I highly recommend DebtHelper’s housing counselors to anyone looking to buy or save their home. - Barbara B.

Very comprehensive and informative. Our Counselor Debbie was friendly and very knowledgable and made the session enjoyable. We are very appreciative of DebtHelper’s reverse mortgage counseling program. - Maria A.

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